Meanwhile the core of software is already finished and being copied and pasted into core of GSvit software package, there are many other parts that need a lot of help:

  • Compilation and running on different systems need to be tested and/or fixed.
  • Different graphics cards need to be tested and results and computation durations compared.
  • Computation scheduler need to be improved to take into account used graphics card properties.
  • Tests for all the algorithms need to be developed and performed, comparing results to analytical solutions.
  • Number of data input and output formats needs to be increased.

There are also many possible issues connected with graphical user interface XSvit, namely on MS Windows that are not our primary development platform.

Finally, we really welcome some other modeling tasks than connected with our nanoscale world, as FDTD is a general technique suitable for many other problems as well. Trying something different can lead to significant improvements or bug fixes.


For FDTD and application performance related issues contact Petr Klapetek: pklapetek (at)

For package installation and distribution contact Miroslav Valtr: mvaltr (at)

(c) Petr Klapetek, 2013