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Download and installation


GSvit can be downloaded as stable version, which is recommended, either as binary package for many different operating systems or as source code. An actual development version can be also obtained from Subversion repository, however this is not recommended as code under development might behave unexpectedly. See GSvit download pages for more details.


Please, check for updates of these installation instructions on GSvit download pages.

GSvit computational core and its GUI (XSvit) are distributed together for all the platforms. For running it you need Gwyddion to see the output images. Gwyddion is a data processing tool widely used in Scanning Probe Microscopy field and similar surface topography areas; in GSvit it is used for outputs visualisation, surface topography data input and some internal data management tasks.

If you would like to run your calculations on the computer graphics card you need to have a CUDA capable card and a NVIDIA driver installed.

Developer's installation

GSvit depends on Gwyddion, so if you plan to modify the source code you have to install Gwyddion's devel package and also devel packages of Gtk+ and GtkGLExt. In case of Gwyddion, please follow the official pages on how to install it properly. In order to build GSvit with GPU support you need to install the CUDA Toolkit. It is available here. In case of Linux, all you need is included in the tarballs but you are free to checkout the svn repository as well. In case of Windows, we provide MS Visual C++ 2012 solution and project files upon request. We plan to put these together with all depencies on the svn repository. Regarding svn we have good experience with TortoiseSVN.

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