Test 01: basic program operation

Cubic volume with no boundary conditions (i.e. not precise reflecting BC), and centered point source. Outputs different cross-section planes to Gwyddion file and to a text file (from single point). Calculation is performed on CPU and material (which is none) is checked to use faster variant of Yee algorithm.

What can be tested:

  • basic performance of the software (first test to see whether it works after installation)
  • performance of Yee algorithm with none material properties (compare with MATMODE_CHECK=0 calling full algorithm, resulting in different speed and memory allocation.)
  • GPU performance (compare with GPU=1)
  • GPU performance with none/full material properties (combine GPU and MATMODE)
  • scaling of basic calculation speed and memory requirements (varying POOL size)
  • point source properties (varying the file "xsource.txt").

Compare out.gwy with test01_out.gwy or point_log with test01_point_log to check proper performance.

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(c) Petr Klapetek, 2013