Here the technical documentation for GSvit installation and running is located. To read something about Finite Difference in Time Domain method and its implementation in Gsvit, see FDTD tutorial. To see some of the examples, look to that tutorial or at the graphical user interface XSvit documentation page.

Documentation for different GSvit versions

With intensive development the user interface of the software changes time to time. We try to keep the computational core API the same, however some minor changes were necessary in past as well. The safe way would be always to test examples distributed with the concrete GSvit version if there are doubts whether the syntax or other settings are correct.

Note that meanwhile the core is already developed and tested for several years, the graphical user interface is new and can be still buggy, namely on MS Windows which is not our primary development platform. Any comments on found bugs are welcome.

Documentation for different versions

Here the documentation for both stable versions and a version being developed (as checked out from Subversion repository) is provided. Note that development version can be unstable and documentation to it can be outdated significantly.

In brief, two softwares are provided: the computational core (GSvit) that runs commandline and performs the calculations on basis of a simple text file (parameter file), and since version 1.6 also a graphical user interface (XSvit) that can be used to visualise and easily setup parameter files.

Older versions:

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